Who the f*** is Renee Robyn?!

I’m not the best at talking about myself, so I reached out to the fans and friends of RRP and compiled a list of things people were curious about. There were some great ideas, some of them I’ll probably make solo blog posts about in the future.

Renee Robyn Fire breathing

I’m currently a green-haired, black clothed, fire breathing, skeet shooting, sport bike riding, travel addicted, workaholic photographer and Photoshop artist with a delight in the usage of words starting with the letter “F” and funny cat memes.

I’ve been shooting for 5 years, modelling for 16, speaking and teaching workshops around the world for 2. I like to shoot movie posters, video game art, cosplay, model portfolios, conceptual digital art, underwater sessions, band sessions, fashion, and anyone looking for some artistic nifty pixels installed in their lives.

Here’s a tiny sampling of some of my modelling work in the past.

To answer some of the questions that came in from the online world:

– Renee Robyn is my real name!

– Yes, I can actually breathe fire. No, it’s not Photoshop. No, I won’t teach you. I don’t want that kind of liability.

Fire breathing

– I blame my creativity on eating too much cat food when I was a little kid.

– I don’t have any specific heroes, but the people I surround myself with are the source of much inspiration and joy. Everyone has their own story to tell, and they are all just as incredible as the next.

Behind the scenes

– The people I respect, love, and admire the most are all hardworking, stubborn, honest, genuine, open-minded and beautiful people. Regardless of their field of work or lifestyle, they are constantly pushing themselves to become a better person and have a better life than the day before. I’d build tree houses with any of them.


– The honeybadger is fucking badass.

– I am totally all into a happy world, I think playing with kittens and puppies is the best antidepressant ever, music will always be one of my greatest inspirations, and I love the ever living shit out of my fellow human beings (except the trolls, they can stay under the bridge where they belong).

Renee Robyn Valley of Fire

– I wouldn’t do very much for a Klondike Bar, but I’d definitely consider a few more options for the right kind of chocolate.

– Favorites movies are The Fifth Element, The Matrix, Sin City, and recently added Guardians of the Galaxy to the list.

Housecore Horror Festival

– Addicted to Final Fantasy (all of them), Mortal Kombat Armageddon (Quan Chi, my player of choice), Need for Speed, Modern Warfare, and Little Big Planet 2. Yes, once upon a time I played D&D, Tiefling warlock was my fav.

– 3 years from the date yesterday, I’d like to be smiling and at peace with myself and my surroundings, wherever they happen to be. I likely won’t be watching the sun set, because I’ve never been too into that kind of thing. Mosquitoes and all…

Renee Helicopter

– The person I’d love to have an afternoon to shoot, if anyone? Vinnie Jones sounds interesting. I don’t really know much about him, but anyone who plays a big ass gun toting British dude with a sense of humor sounds like it could be a good day. In reality though, anyone who really loves to create, would be pretty swell to hang with. I totally dig happy creative humans.

– I’m pretty sure Von Wong is an alien, cause no one should have that much energy and talent packed into one. It’s ridiculous and so fucking cool.

Von Wong Renee Robyn

– The biggest compliment I’ve ever received “We picked you because you’re the only person who can do this job.”

– The biggest insult “Your computer makes really nice pics, it must be expensive.”

– Fuck the zombie apocalypse. That shit is terrifying.

– So far, I’m a Honda CBR girl. No one has been able to change that yet.

Honda CBR

– My favorite highway to ride is the pass between Kaslo and New Denver, British Columbia.

– I think everyone should travel, it’s the best thing you can do for your soul and mind.

Travel Death Valley

– Adobe Photoshop and Wacom tablets are on the top 10 favorite inventions ever. I’ll be making a page with all the companies and thingies I love soon! Share the awesomesauce.

– Getting published in Heavy Metal Magazine (issue #269) falls under the category of “Shit 16 year old me would never believe happening”.


– I know that without surrounding myself with really talented, wonderful, and eager people, my work would look very different. Each and every person in my life has been instrumental in the final results that display online. I am forever thankful to each person who has contributed their time, trust, and talents in our projects.


– Best piece of advice I can give someone who’s wanting a career in the arts? Don’t quit. I’m not saying don’t go get a day job when things get dry, it happens sometimes. What I mean is never stop creating. Do whatever you have to do to keep creating and loving being a creator. Ditch the ego, and find reasons why you can make it work instead of excuses why you can’t. If you make excuses, you’re right, you won’t make it. Make it work, and don’t ever stop.


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