To Those Who Wander - August 28th, 2014

I used to have a very small and narrow mind when it came to the world. I was very bitter and jaded on how I perceived things to be. My travels were limited and was left to make up my own assumptions from what the media and internet fed me. My world was very small and circled mostly around myself.

What I have learned is that I was very wrong and ignorance is a terrible thing.

Our little blue planet is absolutely amazing, and the more I travel the wider my eyes open. I feel like a little ground squirrel coming out of the hole in the soil for the first time and realizing how large and diverse everything is. It’s like breathing fresh air for the first time, the universe gently pushing my heart into the river of life.

Any time I travel somewhere new, and especially somewhere old, I find myself simultaneously inspired and devastated by human kind. The things the stones I stand among must have seen over the last 1000 or more years breaks my heart. I can’t help but think about it when I stare at the charred and shattered walls of what were once such icons of power and wealth.

I feel very small there, nothing more than a infantecimal blip in the existence of these monoliths, unworthy of their presence. I can’t help but think about the glories and travesties that have happened there. The joy and heartbreak of life so many centuries ago.

However, what those stones have seen is past, the blood and tears have washed away. The violence of their destruction has been quiet for centuries. What remains are the ghosts of empires past in broken, muddy corridors, the wind guiding wandering souls curious of its tainted history.

So here I stand, a happy click-monster with a camera in my hands. Eyes and heart wide open with wonder, harboring no desire beyond capturing humanities withering and forgotten beauty. Where once there were cries of misery, a sense of tired peace has settled, and the hallways seem to welcome the quiet, delicate steps of a traveller.

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